Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly Link Round-Up

This week's link round-up may be a little herky jerky. You see, I have a partner in here who's watching You Tube videos complete with rap music on Denis's laptop. I guess that's payback for me sneaking photos of Luke while he was in the pool! Let's see what I managed to find during a very hectic week (complete with a snowy overnight trip to the Grand Canyon).

Conversations in the Book Blogosphere
  • I really enjoyed Bethany's post wondering if there is an "in" crowd and an "out" crowd in the book blogging community, although I found it a bit too late to really put in my two cents' worth.
  • Bethany also had a follow-up post about the same subject.
  • Alyce of At Home With Books asked us if there is such a thing as too many memes, or if we liked them at all.
  • Speaking of memes, if you haven't seen Elizabeth's weekly 451 Fridays meme, you're missing out on interesting posts. Based on Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, she asks us which five books we would save from burning, and which one we are so passionate about that we'd be willing to "become" that book. I'm going to participate because I finally figured out the book I'd become. (Took me long enough!)
  • Dorte of DJ's Krimiblog snagged one of my favorite crime fiction writers, Ann Cleeves, as a guest blogger.
  • If you'd like to see a really comprehensive book review policy and guideline, check out Kerrie's post on her blog, Mysteries in Paradise.
Bookish News
Social Media
Blogging Tools
  • Would you like to be able to find out if any of the material from your blog is being copied? Smashing Apps has information about an application called Tracer.
New to My Google Reader
What's in store for next week? Even I don't know that!

Luke, my Blogging Buddy


  1. maybe i could mention that i'm hosting a giveaway that ends on monday night? a series of 5 books is up for grabs. :)

  2. Thank you for your round-up - always interesting - and for linking to my Ann Cleeves post. I really appreciate that she took the time to write it for me, and I have tried to make some PR for her in Denmark. Her books deserve it.

  3. Thanks for the roundup and the BookBath Link. I'm going to check that blog out!

  4. Natalie--I hope people clicked on your name in the comment and followed through! I had a house full of guests at the time and haven't had time to edit or respond to comments the way I usually do.

    Dorte--She's one of my favorite mystery writers.

    Serena--You're welcome!


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