Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Michele of A Reader's Respite!

This week we're taking a trip to beautiful Washington state to visit with Michele of A Reader's Respite. I have to admit that her blog design is one of my favorites. I love her sense of humor, and since I'm a little slow, it took me two visits to the Respite before I learned not to drink my caffeine free Diet Pepsi while reading her posts. Diet Pepsi up your nose just isn't an Emily Post thing to do when visiting such a classy blog!

Like many other book bloggers, Michele is a busy wife and mother, but her occupation is just a tad different: she's an airline pilot. (If I were ever on one of her flights, I wonder if I'd be brave enough to run the old chestnut "Did we land, or were we shot down?" past her?)

Enough of my jawing! It's time to satisfy our inner Peeping Toms and take a look at where Michele does her blogging! As usual, click on the photos if you'd like to see them full size.

This is where I spend most of my days, getting random flashes of brilliance which I then forget before I can jot them down.

This is our household's infamous "Mom's Chair." No one dares sit there except Mom. Ever. It's generally where Mom blogs when she's not flying.

This is a photo of my blogging computer with a paperback on it to give size's a tiny little thing.

Can I be honest here and say that looking at that cockpit gives me the shakes? I've always said that I'd love to learn to fly, but I'm really referring to something like an old bi-plane. (What can I say? I saw Out of Africa a few too many times!)

I smiled when I read about the Mom's Chair. My own mother had a chair with an unwritten--but very well known--rule just like that. Michele's chair looks almost too comfortable. I can see myself curling up there with a book and then nodding off. And that netbook is almost microscopic! As foggy as I am when I first wake up, there's no way I could even see that first thing in the morning, let alone find the keys to type on it!

Thanks so much, Michele, for letting us take a peek at your creative space. We really appreciate it! Where are we going next Wednesday? Let me give my globe a twirl.... We'll be visiting England to take a peek at where Lindsay creates Books Do Furnish a Room!


  1. Awwww, thanks so much for hosting this, Cathy...I love this feature and think you're absolutely brilliant for coming up with the idea.

    Oh, and learning to fly? Believe it or not, I am still a licensed flight instructor and would give you lessons, no charge, any time. Of course, I haven't flown a small airplane in years and years so you'd literally be putting your life at risk. On second thought, we'd miss your blog too much, so no flying for you. Ha. ;)

  2. Seeing the cockpit makes me nervous, too! I'm impressed, Michele, I know I could never ever fly a plane!

    I love the tiny laptop. My fiance has one and they're just so convenient. My dad has always been the one with the special chair in my family. =)

  3. That is one cool place to spend the day :)

    Aww love the tiny computers, and what a comfy chair

  4. The cockpit is the colest thing ever! I love it. And the MOm Chair is too funny, usually it's the dad chair that no one dares sit in, lol! Great pics Michele and Cathy great job as usual.
    Oh, an I also gave you a Lemonade award on my blog :-)

  5. If you had given a multiple choice question on the profession of Reader's Respite, I can honestly say that airline pilot would have been my LAST answer. I was thinking more along the lines of stand up comedian!

    LOVE the comfy chair - and I think all moms should have a place to call their own :)

    I look forward to this feature post every week!!

  6. Thanks Michele for sharing. I love to fly -- well, before all the security measure were put in place and the seat space was compacted. I've flown in small planes, helicopters, large planes, and even hot-air balloons. I have no desire to learn to fly though.

    Anyway, love your comfy chair and your cute little laptop. Young eyes let you blog on that little screen!

    Thanks to Cathy for hosting.

  7. another chair blogger! My blogging computer is bigger, but I had to get a netbook too...just because it is so cute. it is my travel computer.

    I love the look of that cockpit and I like to fly...especially first class...but I have NO desire to learn to fly either.

  8. Michele never fails to make me smile, so I was really happy to see her on here. I'd like to sign up for flight lessons.

  9. Wow, what a nice twist on the blogging space--the cockpit! :-) Another great Scene of the Blog this week!

  10. At first when I saw the cockpit I thought, *that's* where you *read*? Oh nooooo! So I was glad to see there was a chair coming up next! :--)

  11. Wow!! I'm impressed! I never would have guessed it. I LOVE your "Mom Chair" (reminds me to tell hubby that I need a Mom chair!).

  12. Thank you, Michele, for the fun look into your world. Fun!!!
    Thank you, Cathy = }.

  13. I actually thought the cockpit was a Michele joke until I read that she's a pilot. Wow! Count me out of the flying lessons. (I am terrified of flying, although I still do it often enough, since my two sisters live on opposite ends of the country and I'm in the middle.) Love the Mom chair, though that computer looks too little for me!

    I haven't forgotten that I must submit my pictures, Cathy!

  14. Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your blogging space. I've always wanted to look inside a cockpit at all the gadgets.(Thanks for letting me blow up the picture.)

    I can imagine that flying up above the earth would be a great place for creating post ideas. And then, I'm sure the flying public gives you another set of creative ideas. I love to fly just for the people watching. Great chair and computer. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for hosting, Cathy.

  15. Gee, thanks, y'all. And for the record, I'd be happy to give lessons free of charge to any blogger out there (we'd just have to dig up an airplane to learn in!). ;)

    And yes, I think every blogger should have a "mom" or "dad" chair....even if they're not a parent. It should be mandatory! LOL.

  16. Flying mom! - wow, this week was a different experience :D

    I´ll have to go and visit Michele.
    See you later, Cathy

    NB: I love your beautiful owl!

  17. That is so cool, that Michele is a pilot! Love the cockpit. And that tiny laptop - I've been hinting for one for Mother's Day, and if that fails, I figure, my birthday is in the summer and that will do the trick!

  18. Aw come on, Michele! What if I sign one of those waiver thingys?

    Thanks, Lilly. You bloggers make it extremely easy!

  19. Reader's Respite is one of my fav blogs! I can't stand flying (it feels like my head is stuffed with cotton and I can't hear anything) but I sure hope she's my pilot the next time I have to lol. Great space though that little bitty laptop sure is tiny!

  20. Well there's something completely different! Nice to see your space.

  21. This was so cool! I love when people have interesting jobs, and this is totally fascinating to me! And I get giddy when women have jobs that are usually "man dominated." And I love her blog -- though you are right ... don't be drinking! You'll be sure to laugh and spit it out and ruin your computer!

  22. lol-the cockpit makes me just a bit nervous too as does flying. Great reading and blogging space though-that chair looks so comfy!

  23. How fun Michele to see your space(s)! and where your wonderfully witty blog originates!

  24. Wow - she writes a great blog, AND she volunteers to give free flying lessons? That's one cool lady!

    Cathy - thanks again for such a fun feature!

  25. I'm a big fan of Michele's blog, too. Love the Mom chair! In our house, hubby gets the chair, but I have a certain spot on the reclining couch and they know to leave it alone. LOL

    Diary of an Eccentric


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