Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scene of the Blog-- Kerrie of Mysteries in Paradise

This week it's time to take a trip to Australia to visit Kerrie of Mysteries in Paradise. I've been aware of Kerrie for quite a while now. We're both members of 4 Mystery Addicts on Yahoo, so it's easy to tell that we share a love of crime fiction. When I discovered that she had a blog, I headed right on over to check it out. It's a mystery lover's dream! (And I have to admit that when I saw that she had a weekly poll on her blog, I decided to give it a try on my own.) Kerrie is always pointing me to new books and authors to try, and she's quick to respond to blog comments and emails. What bookaholic could ask for more?

What does her blogging space look like? Let's take a look! (Click on the photo if you'd like to see it full size.)

Here's what Kerrie has to say about blogging and her blogging space:

Since I took up blogging about crime fiction at the beginning of last
year it has almost become a compulsion. Just as I can't go to sleep
at night without reading, and I almost never read anything but crime
fiction, so a day when I haven't blogged feels incomplete. My family
know where they can usually find me now - round the corner in the
lounge room at the computer. Blogging is one of my daily pleasures,
and for me blogging is the beginning of a conversation.

My blog has changed quite a lot since I started. I've added a number
of widgets, fiddled with the layout, joined some weekly events like
Friday's Forgotten Books, Weekly Geeks, and Sunday Salon, and I try
to respond to every comment that visitors leave. I try to run a
weekly poll for visitors to participate in, and recently started what
I hope will be a regular book give-away competition. I have created
an Agatha Christie Reading Challenge, and host an Agatha Christie
Blog Carnival towards the end of each month, encouraging people to
contribute their blog postings about their Agatha Christie reading. I
am about to host an edition of the Book Review Blog Carnival, and
twice hosted the now defunct Carnival of Criminal Minds. I also
belong to the Crime and Mystery Fiction room on Friend Feed.
I recently created a customised Google Search, found at the top of my
blog page, that searches about 120 crime fiction blog sites.

Australian crime fiction is one of my passions, not surprising as I
live Down Under. I cut my teeth on a diet of Agatha Christie and a
number of other British writers, but, while my tastes have definitely
narrowed to crime fiction, they have expanded to included the breadth
of the genre. I review books for Random House Australia but just
recently have been contacted by quite a number of authors and writers
about taking extra books. All my book reviews are listed at Smik's Reviews.

Thanks for the feature on your blog Cathy. Yours is one of those that
I follow on my Crime Fiction Journeys page.

Thanks for those kind words, Kerrie. I don't know about any of the rest of you, but I like seeing where she's kicked her shoes off under her desk so she can get comfortable for blogging. She's got a window close by where she can look out whenever she wants, and look at that comfy leather sofa! I can see myself curled up on that with a book. (A mystery, of course!) Thanks so much for letting us into your home to see your blogging space, Kerrie. You've satisfied our Inner Peeping Toms for yet another week!

Whose blogging space will be featured next week? Swapna Krishna of S. Krishna's Books. See you then!


  1. Lovely space :)
    Your chair looks so more comfy than mine, lol

  2. I just love this weekly event -- thanks so much for hosting it!

    I am so very impressed by the neatness of her blogging space!!

  3. I like the wall color. I think it would make me feel so cheerful. I understand, as probably all bloggers, how blogging became a compulsion to Keri. I too feel like a day is lost if i don't blog.
    Great space!

  4. I spend so much time there it needs ot be comfy Blodeudd.

    I tidied up for the photo Molly! and threw the cat off the keyboard.

    Thanks for the feature Cathy.

  5. The wall colour is sort of colonial one Lilly. Painted about 25 years ago, and in desperate need of re-doing.

  6. Lovely space and I'm so glad to get to know a new-to-me fellow blogger. Thanks so much for sharing, Kerrie.

  7. She looks so organized - I'm going over to check out her blog right now.

  8. I KNOW HER!
    - but thanks for showing me her blog scene anyway, Cathy :D
    I´ll travel down under and say hi.

  9. Molly--You're welcome. I'm so glad you enjoy this weekly feature. I enjoy it so much that I'd do it regardless of whether anyone else looked at it or not! :)

    Kerrie--You're welcome. How could I not want to see where you create all those interesting posts?

    Beth and Kathy--I'm so glad I got to introduce you to Kerrie. She's a treasure!

    Dorte--I thought you might know her. ;)

  10. Kerri your space looks simple and organized. I love it, I wish my space was as nice. I especially love the two pictures on the wall.

    Cathy, thanks again for doing this weekly meme! I know I don't comment every week, but I do enjoy looking at the profiles and visiting the sites. :)

    ~ Popin

  11. I enjoyed reading about Kerrie's blog journey, too. It is fascinating to see the space, but also to find out a little of what has taken place there.

  12. I'm happy to brag that I know Kerrie too. I'm a part or the wonderful Agatha Christie Reading Challenge. It's great to join in with other like-minded readers.

    What a treat to see where the mystery lover creates her great blog posts. It looks like a place devoted to focusing on the writing. Thanks Kerrie and Cathy.

  13. It was great to get to know Kerrie a little more. I like your idea.

    I too love your wall color. I just left your blog and a posted a comment.
    I visit your blog a lot, not always leaving a comment. But I love your malacan? (can't spell it)
    Your blogging home space looks great!

  14. Popin--I'm glad you enjoy the feature. Comments are never mandatory! :)

    Susan--I agree. It's great to be able to see her space, but I really enjoyed what Kerrie had to say as well.

    I'm glad you're both enjoying Scene of the Blog, Margot and Wisteria!

  15. I think I'm in love with the printer - it looks like it has soo many buttons on the top of it, I love buttons. I'm a bit of a gadget freak, although you wouldn't now it since I don't have many gadgets.

  16. How wonderful to peek at someone's space - I love the comfy leather chair? couch? in the corner. Kerrie is a new blogger to me - but crime fiction! Hello! Off to her blog!

  17. Another great one! I love her ideas and things going on at her blog ... sounds like a fun and busy place. And I loved hearing about such a specific passion -- Australian crime fiction! ; )


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