Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Poll Results Are In!

The results are in for the Book Swap Handicap. Good thing it was held on a large track because there were 93 entries!

I asked all of you how you felt about book swapping sites, and here's how you responded:
  1. With 38 votes, "I'm a member of one, and I love it!" led practically from wire to wire. It seems that many of you, like me, enjoy using sites like Paperback Swap and BookMooch.
  2. "No thanks. I'll keep going to the library" finished second with 15 votes. If you have a great library system in your area, and you can find the books you want there, that's wonderful!
  3. "No thanks. I'll continue to buy them" finished a close third with 12 votes. Until last August, I would've been in this camp. Let's face it, some members of book swap sites don't always follow the rules, and you could wind up with a copy of a book that's in questionable shape. Besides, people who buy books are helping the economy!
  4. 11 people said "I'm a member of one, but don't use it much." I'd be very interested in knowing why they don't. (Hint, hint!)
  5. In fifth place was ""I haven't tried one, but would like to know more." I have to admit that I had an ulterior motive with this choice. I've been kicking around thoughts of doing a series of posts on Paperback Swap, and wondered just how much interest there would be. I'm still on the fence, so leaving a comment on this post would do a lot to get me off my uncomfortable perch! Also, if I do go ahead with the series, I would like to have a cohort who could cover BookMooch, since I know nothing about it. (Any takers?)
  6. 6 people said that "I get most of my books through publishers and giveaways." I was going to make a crack about "lucky dogs", but that wouldn't quite be right. Although luck is involved in giveaways, getting books from publishers can take a lot of hard work, and I have nothing but admiration for bloggers who get most of their books this way.
  7. 2 unlucky people said "I'd join one if there were any in my part of the world." I have nothing but compassion for these two, knowing how much enjoyment I've gotten from being a member of Paperback Swap. Hopefully when their corners of the world see how popular these sites are in other countries, they'll join in, too!
There you have the results of the last poll. The new one is up now, and it will run for a longer period of time than the previous ones. We have house guests coming from the UK to stay with us for two weeks, and I'm trying to work things out where I don't feel as if I'm neglecting anyone or anything!

Thanks for your continued participation in these polls. It is much appreciated!


  1. I think I signed up for a lot of them, but it's been so long that I can't remember whether I really signed up for them or whether I just checked out the sites.

    Really, I'm a Bookcrosser, which isn't really a bookswapping site--I give my books away, leaving them places where other readers might find them, or I pass them on to friends and when they're done, they pass them on to other friends.

    Once, an anonymous Bookcrosser sent me a book from my Amazon wishlist. Totally unexpected. (I love Bookcrossers.)

  2. Jena--I know you're a Book Crosser, and as soon as I get When Will There Be Good News? read, it will be on its way!

  3. Wow, that's a wide gap between the first and 2nd place selections.

  4. Love these polls and seeing the results. And have fun with your house guests!

  5. Serena--I agree. I didn't really realize how popular book swapping sites are until I saw the results of this poll!

    Thanks, Jenners! I am having fun with my house guests, even though those two kids have so much energy that it's mind-boggling! LOL

  6. I'm one of those who answered that I belong to one but don't use it a much.

    Here's kinda goes with your #3. Since I collect the books and keep the majority of them, I like my books to be in like-new condition. That can't be promised if I get a used book for free or swap the book. So I tend to still purchase most of my books, but if it comes up that I'm going to do a buddy read with somebody and I don't have the funds (or rather don't think the husband would enjoy seeing yet another Border's charge on the credit card) to buy it new, I'll request a used copy.

    Plus, I do feel like I'm helping the authors keep contracts and continue writing by buying their books. I can afford it, so that's what I prefer to do. I'm sure whenever there's a baby/kid in the house, I'll be using paperbackswap more, but for now, I prefer to buy.

  7. Kris--thanks so much for explaining the reasoning behind your vote. It makes perfect sense to me!


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