Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Northwest Rainforest Pioneers: Narratives and Photography

Title: Northwest Rainforest Pioneers: Narratives and Photography
Author: Claudia Harper
ISBN: 1571883452/ Frank Amato Publications, 2004
Genre: Poetry, Photography
Rating: DNF

I did not realize from the book's description at Paperback Swap that this is a collection of the author's narrative poems and photography. If I had, I would not have ordered it. My success rate is rather hit or miss with this type of book, and I always want to base a reading decision upon physically seeing the book and going through its pages.

I barely started reading when I knew that I was not going to finish. I love poetry and photography, but I'm very subjective about both. Harper's narrative poems just didn't "grab" me, and I didn't care for her photographic technique.

In a case like this, I feel as though I should create a new rating category: NMC--"not my cuppa". NMC would mean that I made an entirely subjective judgment call in not finishing the book, and that my decision should not be taken into consideration if you're deciding whether or not to read this book!


  1. Sorry it wasn't what you expected. The title looks so promising.

  2. Sorry it didn't work for you. When I saw photography in the title, I had high hopes.

  3. I totally understand the need for a NMC category! Sorry you didn't enjoy this one. I read book sort of like this at the beginning of last year called Poetry for Young People: William Butler Yeats but I had a lot more luck with it then it seems you had with this one :(

  4. I saw the title and the cover and wanted to read it too. I guess someone else will have to tackle this project. I like your new NMC.

  5. Thanks, everyone. You win some, and you lose some! :)

    I'm glad you like my NMC category, Margot!


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