Monday, April 27, 2009

Musing Mondays-- Non-Fiction, Anyone?

Do you read non-fiction regularly? Do you read it in a different way or place than you read fiction?

I do read non-fiction regularly, although not as often as I did in the past. I'm not quite sure what caused the shift away from non-fiction. Lately it seems that if I do indulge, it's to find myself reading books about the pioneering history of the western United States or something in naval history.

I really don't read these books in a different way than I read fiction. I still sit with my little pad of Post-it notes to mark passages that I want to remember or to include in a review. The only difference I can think of is that I'll check out the bibliography in the back of a non-fiction book to see if any book is mentioned that I might want to read.

Normally I read one book at a time, so fiction or non-fiction, that book travels back and forth with me to work, to appointments, or any other place that I might find myself with a few minutes to read. Once in a blue moon I'll make an exception over a particularly weighty non-fiction tome. If the book is large enough to make me feel like I've signed on for the clean and jerk, I have a tendency to keep it at home and I'll choose a lighter weight paperback to stick in my purse.

What about you? Does non-fiction appeal to you at all? If it does, do you treat it differently from the fiction books you read? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. I read nonfiction too. History and biography mostly. I don't really read self-help, inspirational, business, as so on.

  2. self help...oh no!
    to be honest, most nonfiction for me is more like work than pleasure, even on subject that really interest me.

  3. As as lover of history, I have no clue why I don't read more historical NF.

  4. Beth--We seem to stay away from the same sorts of non-fiction!

    Caite--I think non-fiction writers are beginning to learn that if they want their books to sell, they'd better stop mixing in a pound of dry dust with every ounce of ink they use. There's some wonderful non-fiction out there that reads like the best fiction.

    Nise'--It seems to me that whenever I take a look at historical fiction being reviewed on blogs, most of the covers appear to be "bodice rippers", and that will steer me away from a book faster than almost anything else.


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