Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekly Link Round-Up

I found a little bit of everything this past week, from books in the news to blog tools to interesting articles on fellow bloggers' blogs. Let's take a look!

Books in the News
  • You'd think that folks like the Rothschilds would be able to keep track of their stuff. Evidently not. Maybe they just plain have too much...stuff.
  • Brian, a young Asberger's Syndrome sufferer, was trying very hard to find a job. He couldn't until his parents bought him a bookshop.
  • How would the Harry Potter book covers look if they were redesigned as classic Penguin editions? You can check it out here.
  • Take a look at this map of St. Petersburg, Russia, that was created using quotations from books!
  • After restoration, the National Trust is opening Agatha Christie's home to the public.
  • Check out this round couch with surround shelves. It might just be the new word in "armchair travel"!
  • Librophiliacs, check out these drop-dead gorgeous libraries!
Blog Tools
  • Check out this online personal signature maker. Might come in handy if you've ever wanted your signature at the bottom of each of your blog posts!
  • Here's a link to Google's Keyword Tool. If you use the right words in your post titles, they will be much easier for search engines to pick up.
  • Have you ever wanted to estimate your blog's value? Here's the place to do it.
Blog Posts
  • In her Sunday Salon posts, Wendy of Musings of a Bookish Kitty does something that I really like. She calls it a reading retrospective. Looking at her 2004 book journal, she talks about the types of books she was reading five years ago and how she feels about them today.
  • If random name generators happen to be one of your guilty pleasures, check out Rikki's Thursday 13 post on her blog, The Bookkeeper.
  • On The 3 R's, Florinda has been having a blast with her post, And What Did YOU Do Today, Dear? I have to admit that I had so much fun with it that I've been helping it on its way around the internet!
  • Michelle, on her blog Scribbit, has a very interesting post on How to Be a More Efficient Blogger.
  • I loved Jeanne's photo of the Kitten on the Keys on her blog, Necromancy Never Pays!
That's it...that's enough... for this week. Believe it or not, I did accomplish something besides going through my Google Reader and email!


  1. Cathy thanks for the link to those libraries. Wow some of those are just shocking in thier size. Would love to see some of those in person. Love the photo where they have chains on the rare books to keep them from being stolen.

  2. Nice set of links: My blog is worth over $5000, I wonder who's going to give me that money?

  3. Thanks so much for helping to circulate "What did you do today?" I'm glad people are having so much fun with it! Also, you can do it more than once, since your reason for what you do is the only real variable :-).

  4. Kathy--I think that was my favorite link of the week. My jaw dropped when I saw those photos!!

    Beth--I can hear it now: "The check's in the mail." I tried it with mine and evidently mine isn't worth a plug nickel. Oh well....

    Florinda--Girls just want to have least this one does, and that certainly did tickle my funny bone!

  5. Oh ... you've got some fun ones here to look at! And I love when people share blogging tips! I love the Harry Potter covers ... don't look so "kid-like"! I'll bookmark this and check it out in more detail later! : )

  6. Hi, Jenners! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the links!


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