Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Some Mornings It's Not Worth Chewing through the Restraints

We've all had days like this, haven't we? We're worried about a friend or family member, and it seems that just enough gray cells are engaged with worry to throw everything else off. I didn't help myself by choosing this evening to be the evening that I sat down to pay bills and file our income taxes. Once I got all the money stuff out of the way, I decided to fix something that's been bugging me for at least a week. (Actually longer than that if I count each time I've fought with the same thing.)

I've been fighting the good fight trying to have some sort of social bookmarking code at the end of each post. I found the Add This code which I liked, but it didn't like me, regardless of how I added it to my blog. So...I went searching for something else. Something that would work, damn it! I think I found it here. It let me add it to the HTML of my template, and it seems to be working properly on my blog. Let's just hope it stays that way because the Add This button worked for a while, too, before it went belly up.

Well...having both the Add This code and the new code at the bottom of each post offended my delicate sensibilities, so I decided to go through and delete the Add This code. If I do that, then it messes with the new code. (Cathy, stop pulling at your hair!)

I've been up over 22 hours. It's been a bad day. I'm just going to leave well enough alone and move on from here! (Which means staggering off to bed, reading a few pages, and then sleeping the sleep of the exhausted!) Have any of you had this much fun with something in your blog? Please share!


  1. Now I am in the fortunate situation as a new and inexperienced blogger that I think I know which experienced bloggers can help me when I´m stuck :)
    So if I had to do something like this (and I haven´t even understood what ´this´ is), I would run along to people like you or Beth and ask for help :D
    And I am really happy that I have discovered that this is also what blogging is about: helping each other.
    So, good luck to you & your pioneering attitude.

  2. Fun? HA! I am now an almost featherless Book Chook, owing to all the fun I've had with my blog.

    My absolute worst time was when I tried to install my new commenting system. It took months, literally. I even watched tutorials of how to do it, and had the tutorial video running on the laptop, stop/starting to follow it exactly.

    The whole thing is, and what most people can't or won't accept, that gremlins actually live inside computers. If they take a dislike to something, you've got Buckley's!

  3. Let's just say there is reason why I don't have tabs on my blog. My test blog however has 3 sets!!

  4. Dorte--this is a great community, isn't it? Unfortunately I tend to be...not bull-headed...more bighorn sheep-headed...and want to do everything myself without asking for help. This time however, I asked for help, got it, and nothing worked. I'm hoping the change I made last night will stick!

    Susan--I do believe there's a gremlin in mine. If I could learn its name perhaps I could talk to it, leave it small gifts, etc. and it would start helping instead of hindering!

    Beth--there's a reason why no one else can see my test blog! LOL

  5. I'm trying to avoid putting any codes on my blog posts. I have enough trouble understanding Twitter, as it is! Love it, but don't totally get it...

  6. I know what you mean, Kitten. Some things I just won't ever get. No way. No how. Then there are the things in which I use the bits I like and ignore the rest! :)


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