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Review-- The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library

Title: The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library
Author: Alice Kimberly
ISBN: 0425212653/ Berkley Prime Crime, 2006
Genre: Mystery, #3 in the Haunted Bookshop series
Rating: C

First Line: Baxter Kerns the Third called Jack Shepard at noon and invited him to dinner at six.

Rhode Island bookseller Penelope Thornton-McClure has a problem. Her bookshop, Buy the Book, is haunted by the spirit of a 1940s private eye who was murdered there and can't seem to leave. Pen's the only one who can see and hear him, and thankfully she no longer walks around looking as though she's talking to herself.

In this third installment of the series, Pen and her aunt are invited to Prospero House, a death trap of a decrepit mansion that Pen takes one look at and says, " Looks like the architect couldn't decide whether his client was the Addams Family or JP Morgan." Once inside they are given a rare set of the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe--a set that is believed to contain a code that leads to a buried treasure. When word spreads about the collection now at Buy the Book, Pen finds herself selling volumes of it for thousands of dollars each. Trouble is, whoever buys dies, and the purchased books go missing. Pen is definitely going to need the help of her ghostly private eye to crack this case.

As I read the description of Prospero House, I was definitely creeped out. I was also puzzled. From the description of the place, I don't think any book housed there for any period of time would be in a sellable condition. Yes, I know. I'm being nit picky! While I enjoy the characters in the book and the snappy repartee between Pen and Jack, I really don't find myself wanting to continue with series. I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps it has something to do with Kimberly's attempts to prevent the series (and the character of Jack) from being limited strictly to the confines of the bookshop. Whatever the reason, don't let my personal quirks put you off this series. I do enjoy the characters and the dialogue, and the Haunted Bookshop series may very well be the perfect cup of tea for you!

If you've read and reviewed this book, please let me know so I can include a link to your review. The best informed readers are ones who have access to all opinions of a book!

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  1. Jenclair--I really enjoyed the first book in the series, didn't care for the victim in the second, and this one was good. I'm just not sure why I've "gone off" them!


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