Monday, March 23, 2009

Musing Mondays-- These Are a Few of My Favorite...Bookstores

How many bookstores do you frequent? Do you have a favourite? If so, which one and what makes it so?

To tell you the gospel truth, I do my best to stay out of bookstores. I can't afford a second mortgage on my house! A bookstore is the Number One place where I have no control. At. All.

Since I joined Paperback Swap last August, it has been my primary source for books. I've had excellent fortune with the books I've received being in very good condition, and it's so easy to sample new authors!

However, this is a question about bricks and mortar bookstores, so I'll tell you about my two favorites here in the Phoenix metropolitan area: the Poisoned Pen and Bookman's.

I love mysteries, and the Poisoned Pen is one of the top mystery bookstores in the United States. (I'll be writing a blog post about it soon.) I have to limit myself to one or two visits, tops, each year. Sounds horrible, but I went there last Sunday and staggered out with thirteen books. That was shopping from a list, NOT browsing! As you can tell, they have a wonderful selection of books, and the icing on the cake is the staff. All of them are knowledgeable about what they sell, and every one of them is friendly, outgoing, and more than willing to talk books. It's always a pleasure to go there.

Bookman's is a used bookstore not far from my house. I never know what I'll find there, and the hunt is definitely part of the allure. I usually find myself checking out the mystery and history sections while I'm there.

What about you? Which bookstores do you find it impossible to stay out of? Inquiring minds want to know!

If you'd like to see more answers to this question, or if you'd like to join in this fun meme, click on the Musing Mondays graphic at the top of this post to be taken to Rebecca's Just One More Page.


  1. Maybe I need to bookstores do not fulfill my emotional needs.

    I really have to give that Paperbackswap thingie a try. I tried Bookmooch...but they NEVER have any books I want.
    Not that I need any books at the moment....

  2. The Poisoned Pen sounds wonderful! We only have one indie near us and it's not too good, so I usually go to B & N. I have to limit my visits there, too.

  3. My budget is saved by the library!

  4. A whole bookstore devoted to mysteries!!! Heaven! I really don't buy too many ( working at a library helps)

  5. Caite--if you decide to give PBS a try, let me know. I've been thinking about writing a series of posts on PBS tips. That's the main reason why this particular poll question!

    Kathy--the Poisoned Pen is wonderful. One of these days, I'm going to put a bed in the back corner of their stockroom and just move in!

    Nise--I'm happy for you. Unfortunately, I have a difficult time finding the books I want to read in my local library. :(

    Luanne--there are several bookstores across the country devoted to mysteries. I was surprised when I learned that.

  6. Cathy - thanks for the shout-out! And you're right: the hunt is definitely the fun. Cheers for the kind words.

    - Heather Cee, Bookmans Web Monkey


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