Friday, February 27, 2009

Review-- Now May You Weep

Title: Now May You Weep
Author: Deborah Crombie
ISBN: 006052524X/ Avon Books, 2003
Genre: Mystery, #9 in the Kincaid & James series
Rating: B+

First Line: Wrapped in her warmest cloak and shawl, Livvy Urquhart paced the worn kitchen flags.

Denis started asking me how many books we had left in Crombie's excellent mystery series, so I knew it was time to read the next one. The man's not going to be satisfied until we're completely caught up and dancing around waiting for the next one!

In this ninth book of the series, Gemma needs time to recuperate from recent events, and her friend, Hazel Cavendish, persuades her to come along with her for a weekend cooking course at a bed and breakfast in the Highlands of Scotland. Gemma loves the scenery, and is enjoying herself until she learns that Hazel wanted to take the course as a cover for meeting an old lover. The "old lover" is Donald Brodie, the handsome owner of a local whiskey distillery. When Donald's body is found in a meadow close to the bed and breakfast, Hazel immediately becomes the prime suspect, and Gemma has to walk a fine line between finding the killer and keeping local DCI Alun Ross happy.

This book kept me slightly off balance because Duncan Kincaid has very little to do with the primary action, having his hands full with developments surrounding his son, Kit. Crombie is a master at making this couple so interesting that we care just as much about what is going on in their personal lives as we do the mystery. As in other books in the series, there is also an older plot thread running throughout, this time bringing in the element of whiskey distilling families in the area and long-standing feuds which can come between them.

All in all, vintage Crombie, and a very enjoyable addition to the series!


  1. The environment and the old plot sound very appealing to me. And I think it is so nice that you and your husband can share the series.
    My husband does not read as much crime fiction as I do, but I have lured him into trying a few of the very best series. We also enjoy watching crime fiction on TV together (in really comfortable beds in the bedroom - so I won´t have to carry him anywhere if/when he falls asleep).

  2. Dorte--this isn't the only series that Denis and I have shared, although being an ex-Royal Navy submariner, he does read submarine thrillers that I don't. :) The two of us also enjoy watching crime fiction on TV.


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