Monday, February 02, 2009

Mailbox Monday: Vacation Harvest

Denis and I spent Monday through Friday down in Bisbee, Arizona, so there wasn't much opportunity to send books to new homes...just two when I took my Paperback Swap account off vacation hold when we got back to Phoenix. That didn't stop the books from coming in, though--especially since I knew there was a book shop right on Main Street! I received three books from Paperback Swap and an additional four from my foray into the Bisbee shopping district. Here's the scoop:

  • Missing White Girl by Jeffrey J. Mariotte (Bisbee). Mariotte is a Bisbee author. From the back of the book: "Lulu Lavender has been kidnapped. Her family has been brutally murdered. With the sheriff's office consumed by a high-profile case of a missing white teenager from a prominent family, it falls to Patrol Lieutenant Buck Shelton to investigate Lulu's abduction."
  • Written in Blood by Caroline Graham (PBS), the fifth in the Inspector Barnaby mystery series set in southern England.
  • High Lonesome: Tales of Bisbee and Southern Arizona by Jim Burnett (Bisbee), a memoir about growing up in the Bisbee area.
  • Bisbee High Grade by Jim Burnett (Bisbee), a second volume of memoirs about Bisbee.
  • Tsunami by Gordon Gumpertz (PBS), about the possibility of a massive tsunami occurring which is large enough to wipe out the Southern California coast.
  • Bune to Bisbee and Back, A Swedish Family's Pilgrimage 1883-2004 by Wes Patience (Bisbee). As you can tell I'm interested in the history and people of Bisbee. (These aren't the only books about the area in my library!) This book is huge and gives Drood a run for its money!
  • Grand Canyon: Solving the Earth's Grandest Puzzle by James Lawrence Powell (PBS), which goes into the geology of the Grand Canyon. Geology is one of my interests.
There you have it--what came into the house last week. If you'd like to see what other people received in their mailboxes, click on the graphic at the top of this post to be taken to Mailbox Monday's home: Marcia's The Printed Page!


  1. You always have the best looking books and a great variety. Enjoy!

  2. Some nice local books. I hope you review at least some of them.

    I like your new banner photo (and I liked the old one too).

  3. Tsunami sound interesting, I'll watch for your review. I don't know the other books. I only got two this week but they're good ones, I think. My MM is up.

  4. I like that you have a picture of your new books in their habitat! It adds a nice touch to the post. :D

    - Anastasia

  5. The Grand Canyon book looks especially good. Enjoy the new arrivals!

  6. I bet the Tsunami book is going to be good!

    My stack is here:

  7. I love reading your mailbox posts - you always have an interesting mystery or two!

  8. Oh Cathy - I hope you had a wonderful vacation!

    :) Wendi

  9. I agree with a comment from above. There really is something lovely about seeing someone else's books in situ.

    (I enjoy the Caroline Graham books. I have many on AudioBook so that I can listen while I do some gardening... bliss!)

  10. Wow that second last one is HUGE!!!!!!!

    I just posted my MM. I'm a little late.

  11. Thank you for stopping by the 'mailbox' this week. Another great book week for you, enjoy them!


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