Monday, February 09, 2009

Mailbox Monday-- A Little Help from my Friends

Another slow week as far as sending books out, with only four. I brought about three dozen books in from one of my bookcases, listed some and put the rest into bags to donate to the library. One thing's for sure--that bookcase has got some serious empty spots on it now!

I received five books last week, from Amazon, Paperback Swap, and a book blogging friend. Here's the rundown:
  1. Dolled Up for Murder by Deb Baker (PBS), first of the "Dolls to Die For" mystery series. I've been waiting quite a while for the first in another of her series to be available, so I thought I'd give this one a try. The doll collecting angle interests me since my grandmother collected antique dolls.
  2. Winding Up the Serpent by Priscilla Masters (PBS), the first in the Joanna Piercy mystery series set in the Staffordshire area of England.
  3. The Bookaholics' Guide to Book Blogs compiled by Rebecca Gillieson and Catheryn Kilgarriff (Amazon). I remember reading about this book somewhere, but didn't make a note at the time. I'm interested in seeing what this publisher and senior editor in a British publishing house have to say about book blogs.
  4. Google Blogger for Dummies by Susan Gunelius (Amazon). From personally customizing my blog, I'm getting the hang of things. Slowly. I thought it wouldn't hurt to take a look at this book that's hot off the presses. Perhaps it can tell me why Blogger keeps adding bits of code that make my "Add This" button inoperative!
  5. When Will There Be Good News? by Kate Atkinson (Jena). When Jena of Muse Books Reviews discovered that I loved Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brody mystery series, she knocked my socks off by offering to send me this latest addition to the series. Thanks so much, Jena!
If you'd like to see what other participants received in their mailboxes during the past week, click on the mailbox graphic at the top of this post to be taken to Marcia's The Printed Page!


  1. Can't wait to read your review of The Bookaholics' Guide to Book Blogs. By the way, you come up with the best titles for your posts!

  2. That would be me you found the review of The Bookaholic's Guide to Book Blogs from!

    Hope you enjoy.

  3. I'm particularly interested in your reactions to 3 and 4.

  4. Hi Cathy....I love the Bookaholics Guide...that's a riot. I'm torn between that title and the Google for Bloggers. LOL

  5. Thanks, Kathy!

    Thanks, Callista--I was hoping the "responsible party" would speak up!

    For some reason, I thought the book blog and blogger books would pique folks' interest this week!

  6. Cathy - you've certainly got my interest up with the two blog-related books! I'd love to hear how you like them, and if they teach you anything!

    :) Wendi

  7. I read the Dummies the bookstore. I found I was still pretty dumb when I finished.

  8. Thank you for stopping by the mailbox this week. I'm with the rest of the crowd on The Bookaholics' Guide to Book Blogs. Running over to Amazon now to check it out.


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