Friday, February 13, 2009

I've Been Tagged With...The Fifth Photo

Beth at Beth Fish Reads tagged me with the Fifth Photo meme. I'm supposed to go to my fifth photo folder, find the fifth photo in it, and post it. I'm going to graciously decline tagging five other people with this because, although I'm aware of many book bloggers who have cameras, I'm not sure how many of them go out of their way to photograph things. (Besides, I've been wandering around the book blogging community asking for photos already!)

Here's my fifth of the fifth:

It's a shot of Sheep Bridge on the Verde River in north central Arizona. If I remember correctly, Denis and Helen found fresh cougar tracks on the other side.


  1. Great shot Cathy. I love bridge photos. I don't think we have very many here in Tulsa except down by the river.

  2. You'd think a desert wouldn't have many bridges, Kathy, but Phoenix has a ton of them. I've also lived here long enough to remember when they were all washed out but one!


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