Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Forgotten Books: P.L. Gaus' Amish Mysteries

With the advice and encouragement of Tony Hillerman, college chemistry professor Paul L. Gaus began writing a series of mysteries set in the Ohio Amish community that certainly deserves more recognition.

Gaus' main character, Professor Michael Branden, has close ties to both the county sheriff's office and the Amish community, and the six books in the series find him exploring various facets of Amish life such as banishment and
Rumschpringe while he searches for the bad guys. These books have good, solid plots, well-drawn characters, and tell the reader much about the Amish way of life.

There are six books in the series to date: Blood of the Prodigal (1999), Broken English (2000), Clouds Without Rain (2001), Cast a Blue Shadow (2003), A Prayer for the Night (2006), and Separate From the World (2008).

The author also has a blog, the Ohio Amish Journal.


  1. Living in Cincinnati and one who visits the Amish community at least once a year - I really need to read these books.

    Thanks for bringing this author to my attention!!!

  2. Nice feature! And this sounds like a good series. Thanks.

  3. I think I would really enjoy this series - thanks!

  4. The Amish culture has always interested me but I was unaware of the large number of Amish in Ohio until a few years ago.
    This series sounds very interesting.

  5. I grew up in Ohio and loved seeing the Amish horse carts on the country roads!

  6. I grew up a few miles away from a large Amish community in central Illinois. I think that's definitely why I gravitated to this series!


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