Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feel Like Testing Your Blog?

I ran across a very interesting article the other day which listed several tests that you could run on your blog. Tests like:
  • the reading level of your blog
  • predicting the gender of the blog author
  • how well the HTML or XHMTL of your blog validates
  • is your blog available behind the Great Firewall of China?
  • how accessible is your blog?
  • how would your blog look on iPhone?
  • check for broken links
  • how much commercial intent does your blog have?
  • make your blog render in gray scale
  • get an estimate of how many visitors your blog gets every day
  • see how your blog looks in different browsers
  • extract the colors and their names from your blog
  • catch potential plagiarists
  • convert your blog to text only
  • translate your blog into another language
I've seen a few of these tests in my wanderings about the Internet, but several of them were new to me, and I'd never seen them all in one place before. If you're interested in taking any of these, click here.

*Thanks to Alisdair for his photo!


  1. Thanks, Cathy - I'd been looking for the "how your blog looks in different browsers "one, and found it thanks to you.

  2. Susan--I'm so glad you found something useful in the article! The "different browsers" link was one of the few that I didn't need, but not everyone has a guest room that has its own computer. Denis and I use Firefox, and the guest room computer is set up with Internet Explorer. If I need to know how something looks in a different browser, I just walk in there! LOL

  3. That sounds very interesting! I always like info like this. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to bookmark this and check it out!

  4. Thanks for this one Cathy. I'll try some of the tests out.

  5. You're welcome, Jenners and Kerrie. I hope you find some of the tests useful!


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