Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Elizabeth and Darcy in Facebook?

Are you a Jane Austen fan? Do you love Pride and Prejudice? Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account?

If you answered, "Yes!" to most of these questions, then you should enjoy the link I'm about to share!

Imagine Pride and Prejudice written as a series of status updates in Facebook. Those updates are very similar to the 140-character "tweets" used by everyone with a Twitter account. Well, some bright soul imagined this, and did it.

If you'd like to read this up-to-the-minute version of a classic, click here.

And if you're wondering about the graphic, it's a scan of my antiquated paperback copy of Pride and Prejudice. (See the fifty cent mark at the top?) I think it's time for an upgrade!


  1. Don´t know what I had expected, but this is just hilarious LOL
    I am going to put a link on my Facebook account.

  2. I love the cover of your book, truly original. I'll try the link out on Twitter, sounds hmmmmm, interesting.

  3. I have been a bit of a lurker, after having found your blog from a link at Paperbackswap(you sent me a Julian Kestrel mystery back in Dec.), and have been enjoying what you write here. But today..I just HAD to leave a comment.
    The minute I saw that book cover, memories came flooding back to me! That was the same exact book I had once. I first read Pride & Predjudice in the early 80's and that was the book(don't know what happened to it)!

  4. I was hoping that others would find this as amusing as I did!

    Gal Friday, I'm glad that you came out of the shadows and left a comment! I thought that no one else would recognize this book cover. I'm glad I'm wrong!


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