Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blog Improvement Project-- Variety Is the Spice of Life

The third assignment in Kim's Blog Improvement Project is getting to know all the different types of posts. Being able to use these various styles will shake up your blog a bit and help keep it fresh. If you'd like to read more about this third assignment, just click on the graphic to the right.

Kim asked us to write as many differing styles of posts as possible within two weeks and then link back to her with the results. I have to admit that at first I wasn't going to accept the challenge. I'd just returned from a week's holiday in the southeastern part of the state, I'd read several books that all needed to be reviewed, and I'd also started work on a new feature for my blog that involved lots of emailing, research, starting a tracking sheet, and spreading the word.

I changed my mind. I didn't make a concerted effort to post in the ten different styles on her list, but I thought I would at least submit the ones that I did manage to accomplish within her time frame and my normal blog schedule. Here are the results:
  1. A Short Post (less than 200 words): Elizabeth and Darcy in Facebook?
  2. A List Post: Feel Like Testing Your Blog?
  3. An Opinion Post: Teeth Grinding Time-- Commercials
  4. A Poll or Question Post: I posted a new poll that's just below the featured artist on my home page
  5. A Review Post: the most recent is An Ice Cold Grave
  6. Free Space (a post of your choice that's not a listed type): I started participating in Wordless Wednesday so I can "show off" some of my photography
If I wanted to cheat, I could add this post as a Link Post, but as I said, that would be cheating. I didn't manage to finish Kim's entire list, but I think I did rather well considering all the irons I have in the fire!

For all of you who are participating in this great project, let us know how well you did with this assignment. Better or worse than you initially thought you would? Were some types of posts more difficult for you to write than others? Were some of them easier than you thought they'd be?


  1. Well, to some extent I did better as I posted all ten within 13 days. I did cheat, however, as my first post was posted 24 hours before Kim began the bingo. I have done it quite openly, though, both in my wrap-up post, and in a comment to Kim.
    I don´t care that I cannot ´win´ in that way - I participate for fun, and fun I had :)
    And I enjoyed your Scene of the Blog particularly.

  2. I only got 6 of them done, too, and I'm satisfied with that.

  3. I didn't get them all done either, but I did take on the challenge of the how-to post. This has been a fun project so far, and I intend to keep it fun rather than work.

  4. I would've liked to have gotten more than six done, but couldn't because of everything that's been going the fact that I refuse to spend less time with Denis.

    I agree with you, Beth--this is a fun project, and I don't intend for it to turn into a chore!

  5. re "I refuse to spend less time with Dennis." - I became aware, not that I was spending less time with my husband and son so much, as looking at them with a frown each time they dragged my attention away from the computer. Over days, I believe I sent a pretty powerful message and I've taken steps to reverse it!

  6. I didn't complete the assignment either but will continue to work of the remainder of the topics past the deadline.

    I liked your idea for the poll post, great jot :)

  7. I only finished 8, it was a lot more challenging than I thought it was going to be when I set it up :)

    Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

  8. Susan--I know what you mean. I've been told that I have a very expressive face, so I have to be very careful of the visual cues I'm sending out!

    Thanks, Jack! I've got the next poll question lined up.

    Kim--Kudos to you for this entire project. You're going such a fantastic job, and I know that you've really inspired me with my own blog.


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