Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poll Results: How do you shelve your books?

First of all, I want to thank everyone who voted in my first-ever poll. I didn't publicize this in any way, so the results are from all of you stopping by to check what's new on my blog. You're the best!

69 people chose one of four possible answers. Here's the breakdown of the votes:
  1. The leader of the pack with 30 votes was They're all on shelves, but double- and triple-stacked. These folks have their books up off the floor, but they don't necessarily know exactly what they have. (Eh...surprises can be a Good Thing!)
  2. Second with 22 votes was I'm somewhere amongst those other choices. In other words, most of the books are on shelves, but there may be a stack here and there on various flat surfaces. I have to be honest and admit that I almost didn't include this choice in the poll, but at the last second I remembered that it's a pet peeve of mine to vote in a poll or take a quiz when none of the possible choices fit my situation!
  3. Any flat surface will do came in at #3 with 15 votes. Been there, done that. It can be an adventure!
  4. A very very very distant fourth was I have an uber organized library with two measly votes. Actually the votes aren't all that measly because they represent my husband and me. (Denis voted because he has his own bookshelf above his desk.) The photo in this post shows some of our bookshelves. They're organized by genre. All my fiction, poetry and drama books are alphabetized. Biographies are shelved by the name of the person the book is about; history by country and time period. The librarian in me took over. I wanted to be able to see what I have at a glance, and if I have to track down a particular book, I want to know exactly where it is. I'm fortunate in that it's just Denis and me here in the house, and that I have the time and the space to organize my books just the way I want them. I haven't always been so lucky.
What's the topic of the next poll? Something tells me that you'll find out rather quickly. I want to get it up and running before Denis and I go on vacation. Yesterday was my birthday and our seventh wedding anniversary. We're celebrating by leaving town tomorrow and spending a week in a cottage up in the Mule Mountains outside Bisbee, Arizona--one of my very favorite old mining towns. There's the town of Bisbee itself to explore, plenty of off road trails, and huge flocks of migratory birds. Denis is thinking of taking a tour down in the mine. Since being underground like that is a phobia of mine, I'll be wandering Brewery Gulch in Bisbee while he's doing that. (Shudder!)

I've got my books, my camera, the extra battery and charger, and extra memory cards all packed and ready to go. I've got posts scheduled for every day that we're gone. Woo hoo! Turn us loose!


  1. Great polls Cathy - it is fun to see what everyone else is choosing! :)


  2. Awesome bookshelves - they're gorgeous. I have bookshelf envy **sob** LOL.

  3. Thanks, Wendy! I just hope I can keep coming up with good questions!

    Thanks, Kara-- Those are just a drop in the bucket. I have one whole room that's my "library". The ones in the photo are just overflow! LOL

  4. Wow - your bookshelves are very organized. Love them!

  5. You are anally retentive, you know that??? Anyone who can organise their library to that extent has to be ... mine is haphazard and untidy ... and I'm envious of your bookshelves as well. :-(

  6. Anon., I used to be AR about a whole bunch of things. Now I've got them narrowed down to less than five. As far as my books go, I think I do this because I want to find what I'm looking for more than anything else.

    I just remembered that all my bookcase units are DIY. I've got putting them together down to a fine art! LOL

  7. I am so impressed. I couldn't possibly post a picture of my bookshelves - they're chaotic - and I used to be a librarian! They were organised at first - fiction A-Z by author and non-fiction by genre, but then I ran out of space for more books and now they're double shelved and in piles next to the shelves - in most rooms in the house (I have none in the bathroom!)

  8. I can't remember if I played along or not, probably not since Im so behind...but once I have my will will super organized like yours too! Right now the majority are in boxes. sniff sniff


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