Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Forgotten Books: Kirk Mitchell

Many mystery lovers enjoy reading books centered on Native American cultures and landscapes. Tony Hillerman led the way with his superb Joe Leaphorn/Jim Chee series. But what can one do once all of Hillerman's novels have been savored? One series that has flown beneath the radar is definitely worth reading: Kirk Mitchell's mysteries featuring Bureau of Indian Affairs Investigator Emmet Quanah Parker and his partner, FBI Special Agent Anna Turnipseed.

an ex-California SWAT cop formerly assigned to the reservations of Inyo County, writes books that are layered with authenticity and fascinating Native American lore. The five books in the series take the two main characters from coast to coast, and they cover topics such as Indian gaming, ancient relics and land disputes. Parker and Turnipseed are two strong, multi-faceted characters that are every bit as interesting as the plots and the locales.

If you'd like to learn more about books that have been forgotten and deserve more attention, head on over to Patti Abbott's weekly series Friday's Forgotten Books on her blog, Pattinase!


  1. I love books about Native American cultures. Thanks for posting this and I will be looking into these books.

  2. Thanks for this author. My wife loves NA culture. I'll send these books to her.

  3. You're welcome, Kara and Scott!


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