Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas Present from Craig Johnson

If you've been reading my blog for very long, you know that I'm a huge fan of Craig Johnson, who writes the Sheriff Walt Longmire mystery series. (In a recent local Wyoming election, Walt received seven write-in votes.) I've been moping around, reading about Johnson's run-in with a skunk on his website and generally wishing that I didn't have to wait so long for his next book to be published.

I was tickled when I saw a short story
, "Slick-Tongued Devil", written by Johnson right here. If you like Craig Johnson's writing as much as I do, I know you'll hurry on over there!


  1. I havent' been over here since you redid you template. Looks very nice. I really like having a page for your blogroll. Mine has accidentally been erased, and I really didn't want it filling up my side bar. I think I will have to borrow this idea.

    I haven't read Craig johnson, but am always interested to find Wyoming writers. As most minor metor areas have twice the population as our whole state, it is a rare occasion. I'll have to check out his blog.

  2. Lisa--I had my blogroll as a scrolling one, but there were too many times when the scroll would lock up and not move. This page just makes it so much easier! I've also been reading comments in Book Blogs over at Ning where members are saying that they pay a lot of attention to Labels. I took mine off because the labels were taking up most of a sidebar, but I found HTML that gave me a drop-down list for them. Now I can put them back up!

    I know of a woman who lived for many years in Wyoming (close to where Johnson lives) who says he doesn't put a foot wrong with the place or the people. High praise, eh?

  3. I've had the first of his series on my MP3 player for 6 months now. Ok, ok, I'll listen to it soon!

  4. Beth--Promise? The characters are wonderful!


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