Thursday, January 01, 2009

Booking Through Thursday--New Year's Resolutions

So … any Reading Resolutions? Say, specific books you plan to read? A plan to read more ____? Anything at all? Name me at least ONE thing you’re looking forward to reading this year!

I've mentioned this before in various posts: I am a contrary reader. If I had a theme song that described my reading habits, it would be "Don't Fence Me In!" I've never had difficulty in finding books to read. I've never had problems in choosing a volume from my crowded TBR shelves. The only thing that has ever given me grief is finding the time to read all the books that I want to read! Since I am a mood reader, I don't commit myself to any reading challenges; I'm so contrary that I would be setting myself up to fail.

I have the same two reading resolutions every year:
  • Read one more book than I did the previous year.
  • Enjoy myself.
I've had these same two resolutions for the past decade, and I've met with success each year. If it ain't broke, don't fix it....

I have at least 300 books on my TBR shelves, and the first title that comes to mind when the phrase "looking forward to reading" is used would be Jo Nesbo's The Redbreast. I can hear it tsk tsking me now!

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  1. Excellent! A fly by the seat of your pants kind of reader. Happy New Year!

  2. Fairly similar to my goals! Happy New Year.

  3. I love your reading resolutions, especially the second one! Happy New Year, Cathy!

  4. I'm planning to dent my TBR pile, which is much smaller than yours--wow--300! Happy New Year.

  5. I like having a fence but prefer that the gate be left wide open for me to come and go as I please. :-)

  6. Great resolutions. I'm a "mood reader" as well, but I might attempt a challenge or two this year.

  7. Resolution is never written on stone. I don’t want resolution to fetter my reading spontaneity. The rough sketch is that I should read more nonfiction this year--to get out of a comfort zone of fiction and read more "dangerously."

    Happy New Year! :)


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