Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thank You, Beth!

When I fired up the computer this morning, I discovered an early Christmas present. Beth, from Beth Fish Reads, had given me the Diversity Award because she enjoys both Kittling: Books and Kittling: Personal Observations, which spotlights some of my photography. Thank you, Beth!

This award deals with values we deem important in others. Now it is my turn to choose which six values are important to me, six I don't care for at all, and to share this award with six other bloggers.

Six Values/ Qualities in Others That Are Important to Me:

  • sense of humor
  • generosity
  • intelligence
  • common sense
  • curiosity
  • easy going temperament
Six Values/ Qualities in Others That I Can't Tolerate:
  • bigotry of any size, shape or form
  • greed
  • cruelty
  • whining
  • egomania
  • hypochondria
Six Bloggers to Award:
  • Best Hunter Gatherer Award to Patti of Pattinase, for the superb job she does each week on Friday's Forgotten Books. This weekly forum has whetted my appetite for many books that have fallen beneath the radar.
  • Best Eye on Nature Award to June of Spatter. Whenever my reader says there's a new post from June, I know it's going to be a marvelous photograph that makes me see the world around me in an entirely different way.
  • Best Observer of All Things Mysterious Award to Kerrie of Mysteries in Paradise for her excellent insight into crime fiction and her willingness to help and share with others.
  • Best Friend to the Desert Award to Kathie of Sycamore Canyon for her beautifully photographed and informative posts about her walks out in the Sonoran Desert.
  • The Picante Award to Corey of The Drowning Machine. Anyone who's read this blog knows Corey's spicy blend of intelligence and humor.
  • The Lovingkindness Award to Michelle of Rambling Woods for her words and photos that have made me come to care so much for what she observes in her daily life.
So now blogging nominees, it’s up to you to go forth and follow these simple guidelines:

Mention the blog that gave it to you.
Comment on their blogs to let them know you have posted the award.

Share 6 values that are important to you.

Share 6 things you do not support.

Share the love with six other wonderful blogging friends.


  1. Congratulations, Cathy! You deserve it - you have great blogs.

  2. Congratulations, Cathy! I also love your travel blog.

  3. Oh Cathy..this is so sweet..I had a bad day and this is very nice to log on and see...I will have to think on this...

  4. Thanks for the compliment Cathy. I love the way your blog looks. It always makes me see more books to add to my list of things to read. I'll let you know when I've created my response

  5. My response is at Cathy.

  6. Terrific awards and good to see these disperse through blog-land.

  7. Thanks so much...I'm so touched that you feel this way about my photography! Your quality list looks pretty close to what mine might be. I'll think on it today while driving.

  8. Cathy-I will have it up Saturday although not in as fine a shape as yours.

  9. Congrats on your award, Cathy, and thank you for honoring me. My post is up here:


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