Saturday, December 27, 2008

All Quiet in Phoenix?

For any of you who have wondered where I've been in the past few days, I thought I'd throw up a flare. Instead of working a 4-hour shift as scheduled, Denis put in a 12-hour shift, so I was knocking around the house all by my lonesome on Christmas Day. Once he finally got home, we had a splendid day together.

Fortunately for me, I'm an only child and grew up knowing how to amuse myself, so I wasn't spending Christmas Day with my face "hanging out", as Grampa would say. I've been dissatisfied with my blog template for a while now, so on Christmas Day, I decided to start doing something about it. I've been teaching myself bits and bobs of HTML, starting with a basic template and tarting it up to suit myself. Any of you who subscribe to my blog may see some strange posts with even stranger dates on them showing up in your feed, but that's just me using some cheats to have a Blogger template act like a Wordpress one. Once I get those posted, I'll be ready to unveil the new template.

I found three books under the tree Christmas Day, and when I went to work yesterday, I received an Amazon gift card and one from Barnes & Noble as well. Of course, I scurried home after my shift and spent them!

So this is why I've been a bit quiet the past few days. I should return to my regularly scheduled broadcast by New Year's Day!


  1. They're on my Mailbox Monday post, Patti!

  2. Sorry Denis had to work on Christmas. Carl had to work every holiday on his last job and it stunk.


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