Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Thingers--Do You Widget?

The Marvelous Marie from The Boston Bibliophile asks: Today's question- Blog Widgets. Do you use them? Do you have them on your blog? Do you know what I'm talking about? :-) A blog widget is that list of books "From my LibraryThing" and such, that you'll sometimes see on someone's sidebar. If you use it, do all of your books show up or do you have it set to only show certain books? Do you have a search widget, which would allow your blog readers to search your library? Have you ever made a photomosaic of your book covers? You can find widgets and photomosaic information on the "Tools" tab in LibraryThing.

Yes, I use widgets on my blog. I might even be a Widget Junkie. I have the LT widget that shows books from my library, and although I have it set to show only books with covers, it insists on showing whatever it feels like. I'm tired of its refusal to obey, so I'll be reworking that one. I do have a search widget on my blog, but it's to search for things on my blog itself, not my LT library. I might use it more than visitors, as people will ask me about an old post, and I find it easier to use that than my memory. I haven't used the photomosaic, and I probably won't. I find the layout of my sidebars a bit cluttered, and some of the widgets I use are delaying the load time. Even though visitors are clicking on them, I need to find a faster-loading and sleeker way of presenting the same information. That's going to have to wait for a bit because I need to get this posted and start on my Christmas decorating. I put up 12 Christmas trees in the house--eight of them in the living room for my Christmas Forest--and it takes me about three days to get everything done!


  1. TWELVE TREES?!? My daughter just walked in and wants to know - how big is your house, and how big are the tress?

    I loved your line about being "tired of its refusal to obey" ... I could say that for several things/people around here!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Cathy.

  2. I knew someone was going to ask, so I'll post the answers right now before I go out and start work. It's a rare gloomy day here in Phoenix, and this type of day makes me want to curl up with a book.

    My house is 2,000 square feet. It's a 1952 ranch-style with a big picture window in front.

    Let's see...one tree is 7½ feet tall, 2 are 5 feet tall, 4 are 4 feet tall, 2 are 3 feet tall, 2 are 2 feet tall, and one is 1 foot tall. A Christmas Forest can't have trees all the same height, right? The Christmas Forest in the living room has the 7½ foot one, one 5 foot, two 4 foot, two 3 foot, and two 2 foot trees in it. When I'm curled up on the daybed in front of the fireplace, I'm surrounded by twinkling lights. Heaven knows what people think when they drive past the house and see all those lights inside!

    I take photos every year. Our Christmas card this year has a partial view of the Christmas Forest. I'm going to put it on my blog after Thanksgiving. I'll also have some other photos of my Christmas decorations on one of my other blogs. I'll post a link in here when it's done, if anyone wants to take a look.

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

  3. Cathy, I'm still learning about widgets as a fairly new blogger.
    I do use the LT widget but not photomosaic. WOW, 12 Trees...it must be lovely at your house during the holidays!! You have a winter wonderland inside your house even though it is hot and sunny outside. Looking forward to seeing the pictures when you post them.

  4. I like all of your widgets. I use the double sidebar template so that i have plenty of room for mine.

    love the idea of your christmas forest. my dad would have done that if my mom would have allowed it, but he had to settle for two trees.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the photo of your Christmas Forest. I barely have the energy to put up our one tiny tree every year. Twelve of them would probably send me over the edge. But it does sound like a lovely place to spend an evening.

  6. OMG, I want to live in your house. 12 trees - sounds like so much fun... please, please, please post pics. I'd love to see. As for the widgets, I agree... I love 'em.

  7. Wow, that forest sounds wonderful. Yes, please post a link when you put up your photos. I would love to see them.

  8. I always love the things you have featured on your sidebars. I'll have to see if I can add the blog search to mine - I've been trying to find a few things I posted and it simply takes too long! :)


  9. Cathy ~ Thanks for your help with the search widget! I've got it up and going - wow was that one easy!!

    :) Wendi


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