Tuesday, November 04, 2008

REVIEW: That Book Woman

Title: That Book Woman
Author: Heather Henson
ISBN: 9781416908128/Atheneum Books
KidLit, Ages 4 to 8
Rating: A

First Line: My folks and me--we live way up as up can get.

Cal isn't the reading type and has nothing but scorn for his sister, Lark, who always has her nose in a book. He'd much rather be out with Pap plowing the fields or bringing in the cows or hunting. He feels he makes important contributions to the family while Lark is worse than useless. When "that book woman" starts showing up, he has nothing but contempt for her until the snow starts flying. Then he allows that she's either plum foolish...or braver than he thought.

That Book Woman is a wonderful tribute to the pack horse librarians of Kentucky. Cal's voice is crystal clear in my mind and David Small's illustrations bring depth to a story that put a tear in my eye by book's end.

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