Monday, November 03, 2008

I Done Been Tagged!

I was tagged by Wendi over at Wendi's Book Corner with 7 Random Bookish Things. As a result, I get to share seven book-themed facts about myself with all of you. I will link back to her post, but I've seen this run the blog circuit a few times, and I'm declining the attempt of discovering seven more people who haven't participated yet. I know, just call me a party pooper! Anyhow, here are seven book-related facts about me. (I might throw in an eighth just because I'm not tagging anyone else.)

--My mother was the librarian of our village library in central Illinois. I literally grew up among the stacks. (For those of you who don't know, I'm writing a series of posts about my memories of growing up in that library. The posts appear every Sunday.)

--The first two books I checked out of our village library were Artie the Smartie and Sylvester, the Mouse With the Musical Ear. Artie was a young whale who didn't follow direction well, and Sylvester lived in a Stradivarius violin.

--I can't stand Harlequin romances, but I'll defend to the death any other person's right to read and enjoy them.

--I love reading mysteries but never set out to solve whodunit ahead of the literary sleuth. (That doesn't mean that I haven't though!)

--My favorite summer place to read is in the pool. I have yet to drop a book in the drink, even when I have a wasp crawling up the back of my neck, a tiny lizard crawling on my shoulder, or a hummingbird sitting on my hat. (No, my pool isn't in a wildlife safari park!)

--I have a collection of 200+ bookmarks, but always use the magnetic ones. They don't fall out of my books!

--I do have a PDA, but the only thing I use it for is to keep my wish lists handy when I walk into a bookstore. The folks at the Poisoned Pen always know I mean business when I walk in holding it in my hand.

--I've had a radical change of attitude over the summer. I've gone from being a book hoarder to a person who looks at her books and thinks, "You're not going to re-read those; set them free." I love the feeling I get when I send my books off to someone else so they can read and enjoy them, too. Before any of you get worried, I still think books are the best part of anyone's interior design, and I'll never run out. I've sent off 200 books in the past ten weeks, and that leaves me with 3400!


  1. What wonderful facts Cathy! I've read books beside a pool, but never in one - I don't know if my luck would be as good as yours. :)


  2. I loved reading your facts and I don't keep many books anymore either.

  3. I agree with you on the Harlequin romances.

  4. Agree with you on the Harlequins...but if someone enjoys them...well, enjoy!

    And I am working on the 'setting books free' thing. It is that or buy a bigger house. There are books I will NEVER part with but to be honest, some can go.
    And someday I will decide which. Soon...

  5. I knew that you'd be interesting to answer this tag; I'm glad that somebody tagged you with it. As for a "lizard crawling on my shoulder:"...EWwwww.

    I agree with you about "setting books free." I don't keep many; however, I live in Florida where books have been know to not do well (in days before air conditioning, and that's when I began this thinking.)


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