Thursday, October 02, 2008

REVIEW: The Dragonfly Secret

Title: The Dragonfly Secret, A Story of Boundless Love
Authors: Clea and John Adams
ISBN: 9781934066133/Feather Rock Books
Ages 8 to Adult
Companion Book to The Dragonfly Door
Rating: B+

First Line: On a bright summer morning, Lea played hide-and-seek in the garden with Tess, her butterfly friend.

Lea is a young, inquisitive dragonfly who likes to play. One day in the garden, she meets a young boy who seems to know all the best places to hide. When she asks him about himself, the boy gives her a puzzle to solve. Eager to solve the puzzle and learn about the boy, Lea comes back to the garden the very next day. The little dragonfly doesn't realize that she's about to become part of something wonderful.

All of us have had little serendiptous moments in our lives that give us pause, that make us take time to ponder the deeper meanings of things. The catalyst could be something as simple as a feather floating gently to earth, or (in my case) an afternoon in the pool when a little Mexican Amberwing dragonfly decided to perch on my finger for half an hour. As the dragonfly sat there, sunlight streamed through its wings, staining my finger a rich golden amber. Granted, the dragonfly resting on my finger that day was probably there because of the cool water and sunbeams, but it was rather miraculous to me, and my mind did indeed search for deeper meaning. The Dragonfly Secret should have the same effect with both parents and children. I enjoyed this simple tale of love, and the illustrations by Barbara L. Gibson added a rich dimension to the story.


  1. Ah, dragonflies are just so beautiful. I saw lots of blue ones earlier this year. I'm not sure what they were as I know next to nothing about them but I enjoyed seeing them. This book sounds lovely.

  2. Besides reading, my other passion is photography (nature and landscape). Within the past year, I've gotten very interested in photographing dragonflies. I always want to know exactly what I've photographed, so that means I invest in reference books. (Nothing like two passions feeding off each other!) I have another blog where I post some of my photography. I know there are a few dragonflies and damselflies there already, and I'm planning to post a few more. You can go here if you're interested. Clicking on the photos will allow you to view them full size.


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