Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nothing New Under the Sun...

...or that's the way it feels sometimes. At a time when the economy seems bound and determined to plunge straight into the toilet, many libraries here in the huge Phoenix metropolitan area are seeing big increases in the numbers of people applying for library cards, coming to use computers, looking for books, magazines, and DVDs. Of course this increase is right in the face of those same libraries facing budget cuts. I'm sure all libraries across the country are in the same boat. You can read the Arizona Republic article in its entirety here.

Is there anything we as readers can do to help our libraries through this crunch? Do you have books in good condition that you know you aren't going to reread? Donate them to your library. (I am.) If they're not needed on the shelves, they can always help raise money when the library has a sale, as most do. One of the comments to the Republic article intrigued me. The commenter mentioned subscribing to your favorite magazines through the library. The library can place an automatic hold on them so you'll have the first chance to read them, and when you're finished, other patrons can enjoy the magazines, too. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Think about it for a bit. Libraries are one of our greatest resources. We're readers. Libraries are in trouble across the country. There are ways we can all help.


  1. The libraries here are seeing an increase in use, too. Part of it's the economy and part of it's the growth we're experiencing in the area. I did go to the Friends of the Library sale this weekend and bought books, even though my shelves area already overflowing.

  2. I live in So. California, and other than the people I have met at my local library, I don't know a single person who has a library card. That's black heresy in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio!


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