Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mini-Review: Listen to the Mockingbird

Title: Listen to the Mockingbird
Author: Penny Rudolph
ISBN: 1894869737/Zumaya
Protagonist: Matty Summerhayes
Setting: New Mexico Territory, 1861
Rating: DNF

A woman who owns a horse ranch in New Mexico Territory? A mysterious past? Confederate soldiers riding up to her adobe? Dead bodies? This mystery had all the earmarks of something I would enjoy. After 63 pages, all I had was a headache. This time I think the reason for giving up was Reader Stupidity. Setting does have importance in the books that I read. Even if I've never been there, I like to have a good fix on where the book is taking place. I could never get a fix in Listen to the Mockingbird. Yes, I know that New Mexico Territory consisted of the present states of New Mexico and Arizona. Yes, I know that the southern half of the territory was often referred to as Arizona. I know where El Paso and Santa Fe are. With all that knowledge, you'd think I could figure out where Matty Summerhayes was. I couldn't. Add to the sense of being lost a total lack of involvement with any of the characters, and I just gave up. I got myself a cold bottle of green tea, an Excedrin, and wandered over to my TBR shelves. Sorry, Ms. Rudolph!


  1. Too bad. I was almsot ready to read this book just based on the beautiful cover.

  2. Funny you should mention the cover. As I was typing the review, I kept looking out the window to watch a mockingbird at the bird bath!

  3. Thanks for the honest review.

  4. You're welcome. I'm never afraid to call myself stupid! LOL For whatever reason, once in a blue moon my brain just isn't on the same wavelength as an author's.


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