Monday, October 20, 2008


It's almost as if the New York Times knew I'd just posted about my memories of the bookmobile and the small town library in which I grew up. Since I read about the pack horse librarians of Kentucky, I've been fascinated with the extremes to which people will go to bring books and the love of reading to others who live in very remote areas. Luis Soriano is my kind of hero. I'm sure after you read this article, you'll agree!


  1. I read that article, too. Makes me realize how fortunate we are to have ready access to so many books (the inter-library loan system between towns and local colleges is great around here)

    I loved your bookmobile post, by the way! When I was in elementary school the "bookmobile" was the precursor to the Scholastic Book Fairs some schools have today. It was always exciting to walk up those steps into the trailer!

  2. If I were a bookaholic a couple of centuries ago, I'd be in a quandry. I love books, and I love the middle of nowhere. (I have another blog for the Middle of Nowhere!) If I wanted my steady diet of books, I wouldn't be able to travel that goat path in the mountains. :-/

    I'm glad you enjoyed my bookmobile post. It's part of a series that I began when I realized that one of my TuesdayThingers posts had the most comments--a post where I mentioned growing up in a library. Writing these weekly posts has made me put my childhood memories in an adult context, with some interesting results.


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