Sunday, September 21, 2008

REVIEW: Shooting Elvis

Title: Shooting Elvis
Author: Robert M. Eversz
ISBN: 0802135013/Grove Press
Protagonist: Mary Alice Baker AKA Nina Zero
Setting: L.A. in 1996
Series: #1
Rating: A

First Line: I don't have any experience writing stuff down.

Mary Alice Baker knew she shouldn't have caved in to her no-good boyfriend Wrex and taken the briefcase to LAX--even if he did give her $200 to do it. Now she's on the lam, a bomb in the briefcase having blown up a terminal at the airport. A little reinvention is called for, so she cuts her hair, dyes it black and pierces her nose. She wants to know who's behind the bombing--of the airport and her life--so she manages to get hired by a couple of penny-ante P.I.s and begins her on-the-job training. In the mean time, she's also got to deal with Wrex, and the two publicity seekers from whom she's renting a room.

This book is a roller coaster ride. Nina is edgy, smart and learns fast--the type of complex character I really enjoy. The only small quibble I had with the book was knowing from the start how it was all going to end. I've already ordered the second book in the series, Killing Paparazzi, from Paperback Swap.

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