Monday, July 14, 2008

REVIEW: Death Without Company

Title: Death Without Company
Author: Craig Johnson
Protagonist: Sheriff Walt Longmire
Setting: present-day Absaroka County, Wyoming
Series: #2
Rating: A

First Line: "They used fire, back in the day."

It's almost Christmas, and all Sheriff Walt Longmire wants is a peaceful holiday season so he can enjoy having his daughter home from back East. He doesn't get his wish. Called to the local assisted living home by his friend, former Sheriff Lucian Connally, Longmire is dragged headlong into the murder of a Basque woman. When Longmire begins poking around in the woman's past, he finds that Connally has almost all the answers. Trouble is, will Longmire be able to put all the pieces together before anyone else dies?

This series is a delight, and it has everything to do with Johnson's skill as a writer. Longmire is very much a part of his community, and all his friends become well-known to the reader. Johnson, being the savvy writer that he is, uses this very familiarity with the characters' daily lives to jar readers out of their comfort zones. The marvelous characterizations, the laugh-out-loud descriptive passages, and an absorbing mystery all add up to a wonderful read. Craig Johnson is an author not to be missed!


  1. I completely agree! I am really enjoying this series. I'm trying to talk my husband into trying the series because I think he would like it.

  2. Denis works 15-hour days on the weekends, and he always calls both days to see what I'm up to. (I usually have my nose in a book.) This past weekend I read enough passages from Death Without Company that he's demanding to read the first in the series. I had to call my friend to ask for the book back!


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