Wednesday, July 30, 2008

REVIEW: Brigadoom

Title: Brigadoom
Author: Susan Goodwill
Protagonist: Kate London
Setting: present-day, small-town Michigan
Series: #1
Rating: DNF

First Line: "You look ridiculous, Kate," my Aunt Kitty said.

When the dead body of your ex-fiance (and the mayor) turns up in your trunk, it's not good that everyone in town knows you were last seen in a golf cart pushing the porta-potty he occupied down a hill. Now Kate London has her hands full trying to catch a killer before she gets thrown in the slammer.

I didn't last more than 28 pages with this one. By page 28, I was lying in bed thinking, "Okay...Aunt Kitty is Grandma Mazur, Kate the deputy is Stephanie the bounty hunter, Sheriff Ben is Detective Morelli, and slimy ex-fiance of Kate is slimy ex-husband of Stephanie." I decided to stop right there before Ranger showed up. I almost stopped sooner than that--the second I read what shade of lipstick Kate smeared on her mouth. Sometimes I think certain books should come with a disclaimer: "Warning: Multiple Mentions of Passionate Petunia Lipstick and Jimmy Choo Shoes!" As you've gathered, I'm not exactly a fan of chick lit.

I am, however, a fan of Janet Evanovich and Stephanie Plum. Instead of reading a rather obvious clone, Fearless Fourteen was just delivered to my mailbox. I'll read Plum in the original, thank you.

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