Sunday, June 08, 2008

100+ Reading Challenge Is Complete!

  1. The Chalk Circle Man by Fred Vargas
  2. Bones In the Desert by Jana Bommersbach
  3. Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn
  4. Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir
  5. Where Memories Lie by Deborah Crombie
  6. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
  7. Addie Clawson, Appalachian Mail Carrier by Julia Taylor Ebel
  8. The Devil's Staircase by Helen Fitzgerald
  9. The Disappeared by M.R. Hall
  10. Stalking the Angel by Robert Crais
  11. Company of Liars by Karen Maitland
  12. Dead and Kicking by Wendy Roberts
  13. The Smell of the Night by Andrea Camilleri
  14. Bury Me Deep by Megan Abbott
  15. Death in the Truffle Wood by Pierre Magnan
  16. The Hot Pink Farmhouse by David Handler
  17. Castles in the Air by Judy Corbett
  18. The Darkest Room by Johan Theorin
  19. The Pesthouse by Jim Crace
  20. Anything Goes by Jill Churchill
  21. Weeping on Wednesday by Ann Purser
  22. Under the Dome by Stephen King
  23. Homemade Sin by Kathy Hogan Trocheck
  24. My Lady Judge by Cora Harrison
  25. The Confederate General Rides North by Amanda C. Gable
  26. Still Midnight by Denise Mina
  27. The Mapping of Love and Death by Jacqueline Winspear
  28. The Highest Stakes by Emery Lee
  29. Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School: We the Children by Andrew Clements
  30. Unseen by Mari Jungstedt
  31. War Horse by Michael Morpurgo
  32. Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer
  33. No Moon by Irene N. Watts
  34. High Priestess y David Skibbins
  35. Read, Remember, Recommend: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers by Rachelle Rogers Knight
  36. Haunting Jordan by P.J. Alderman
  37. This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer
  38. City of Shadows by Ariana Franklin
  39. The Sleeping and the Dead by Ann Cleeves
  40. Blood of the Wicked by Leighton Gage
  41. The Tumbler by Peter Bowen
  42. Shadow of the Lords by Simon Levack
  43. Lying Dead by Aline Templeton
  44. The Mind's Eye by Håkan Nesser
  45. The Sleeping Doll by Jeffery Deaver
  46. Miles to Go by Amy Dawson Robertson
  47. Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris
  48. Effigies by Mary Anna Evans
  49. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson
  50. Death By the Book by Lenny Bartulin
  51. Blacklands by Belinda Bauer
  52. The Rebellion of Jane Clarke by Sally Gunning
  53. Dolled Up for Murder by Deb Baker
  54. Shady Ladies: Nineteen Surprising and Rebellious American Women by Suzann Ledbetter
  55. The Mournful Teddy by John J. Lamb
  56. Eye of the Red Tsar by Sam Eastland
  57. The White Gallows by Rob Kitchin
  58. The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg
  59. Gunshot Road by Adrian Hyland
  60. The Winter Widow by Charlene Weir
  61. The Devil Amongst the Lawyers by Sharyn McCrumb
  62. Murder in the Abstract by Susan C. Shea
  63. Sink Trap by Christy Evans
  64. Murder at Shots Hall by Maureen Sarsfield
  65. Junkyard Dogs by Craig Johnson
  66. Necessary As Blood by Deborah Crombie
  67. Mud, Muck and Dead Things by Ann Granger
  68. Red Bones by Ann Cleeves
  69. Playing With Bones by Kate Ellis
  70. Bisbee, Arizona Then and Now by Boyd Nicholl
  71. Redneck Haiku by Mary K. Witte
  72. Taroko Gorge by Jacob Ritari
  73. The Taken by Inger Ash Wolfe
  74. The Cowgirl Way: Hats Off to America's Women of the West by Holly George-Warren
  75. Jade Lady Burning by Martin Limon
  76. Shark Island by Joan Druett
  77. halfhead by Stuart MacBride
  78. The Exile of Sara Stevenson by Darci Hannah
  79. Liars Anonymous by Louise Ure
  80. A Beautiful Place to Die by Malla Nunn
  81. One Grave Too Many by Beverly Connor
  82. Pray and Die by Stella Whitelaw
  83. Don of the Dead by Casey Daniels
  84. City of Veils by Zoë Ferraris
  85. The Restless Sea by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
  86. 13½ by Nevada Barr
  87. The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly
  88. Bookplate Special by Lorna Barrett
  89. Written in Blood by Sheila Lowe
  90. Beat Not the Bones by Charlotte Jay
  91. Buried Strangers by Leighton Gage
  92. The Dragon Scroll by I.J. Parker
  93. An Impartial Witness by Charles Todd
  94. Black Rain by Graham Brown
  95. Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder by Shamini Flint
  96. Avalanche by Patrick F. McManus
  97. The Anteater of Death by Betty Webb
  98. A Little Death in Dixie by Lisa Turner
  99. Burn by Nevada Barr 
  100. A Song for You by Betsy Thornton
  101. The Crazy School by Cornelia Read
  102. Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich 
  103. Rounding the Mark by Andrea Camilleri 
  104. Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay 
  105. The Day of Small Things by Vicki Lane 
  106. Treasure of the Golden Cheetah by Suzanne Arruda 
  107. Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny 
  108. A Bad Day for Sorry by Sophie Littlefield 
  109. Lady of the Butterflies by Fiona Mountain 
  110. The Wine of Angels by Phil Rickman 
  111. A Timely Vision by Joyce & Jim Lavene 
  112. Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities by Amy Stewart 
  113. I'd Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman
  114. If Books Could Kill by Kate Carlisle
  115. Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich 
  116. Queen of the Night by J.A. Jance 
  117. A Cotswold Killing by Rebecca Tope 
  118. The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall 
  119. Dark Fire by C.J. Sansom 
  120. Night Kill by Ann Littlewood 
  121. The Mercy Seat by Martyn Waites 
  122. Curse of the Pogo Stick by Colin Cotterill 
  123. Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
  124. The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey by Walter Mosley
  125. Rural Britain Then & Now by Roger Hunt
  126. Quiltscapes II by Rebecca Barker
  127. Dying Gasp by Leighton Gage
  128. Vodka Doesn't Freeze by Leah Giarratano
  129. Cobwebs and Cream Teas by Mary Mackie
  130. Red April by Santiago Roncagliolo
  131. Heartland by David Wiltse
  132. Every Bitter Thing by Leighton Gage
  133. Material Evidence by Bill Kirton
  134. Chapter and Hearse by Lorna Barrett
  135. Angels Passing by Graham Hurley
  136. A Killer Plot by Ellery Adams
  137. Holmes on the Range by Steve Hockensmith
  138. Getting Old Is Murder by Rita Lakin
  139. Wake by Lisa McMann
  140. The Patience of the Spider by Andrea Camilleri
  141. Stewball by Peter Bowen 
  142. Murder in the Marais by Cara Black
  143. Ghost Country by Patrick Lee
  144. The Contrary Blues by John Billheimer
  145. Murder in Mykonos by Jeffrey Siger
  146. Baltimore Blues by Laura Lippman
  147. Cool in Tucson by Elizabeth Gunn
  148. The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan 
  149. Carte Blanche by Carlo Lucarelli 
  150. Theft on Thursday by Ann Purser 
  151. The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts 
  152. King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa by Adam Hochschild 
  153. No Badge, No Gun by Harold Adams 
  154. A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair 
  155. The Drop Edge of Yonder by Donis Casey 
  156. River Deep by Priscilla Masters
  157. A Back Room in Somers Town by John Malcolm
  158. Defending Angels by Mary Stanton
  159. Scary Stuff by Sharon Fiffer

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