Sunday, June 09, 2024

On My Radar: Martin Walker's A Grave in the Woods!


Today, I want to talk about a book that I suspect many of you already have on your wish lists. I've been a fan of Martin Walker's Bruno, Chief of Police series since the very first book, and it's hard to believe that the seventeenth will be released in a few months. If I'm lucky, he'll appear at The Poisoned Pen again. I never will forget the time he sat down with Denis and me for a wonderful chat before his event.

Let me tell you more about the book!

Available September 24, 2024!


"When Abby, an American archaeologist, arrives in St. Denis on the heels of her divorce, she hopes to make a new life for herself as a specialist guide for visiting tourists. So when a local British couple discover a grave from World War II on their property, Abby is able to put her training to good use. As it turns out, in the grave are the remains of two German women and an Italian submarine officer who had a big secret to hide. The women are suspected of having had links to the German garrison in Bordeaux during the war. It’s up to Bruno, just recovered from a gunshot wound earlier in the year, to unravel the mystery—and its contemporary relevance. His task is made more difficult by the horrible heat-dome summer, which is raising the temperature for miles around, as unprecedented amounts of rain drench the Massif Central and threaten increasingly dramatic floods

As Bruno drills to the heart of the case, matters get even more complicated when both Abby’s financially distressed ex-husband and a mysterious dashing Italian naval officer arrive, with very different ideas in mind. Once again, Bruno is left to serve the guilty their just rewards, and his friends, some sumptuous Perigordian cuisine.

I love this series for the mysteries, the history, the setting, the food, the characters... need I go on? If you aren't already acquainted with Bruno, I highly recommend these books!


  1. Oh, a new Martin Walker!!! Yay! I can see why you're so happy about this one, Cathy! And it sounds like a solid story.

  2. Always fun to get to chat with a favorite author. I have been lucky enough to get to this a few times and they are 'gifts' that I'll never forget. :-)

  3. This is the first I've heard about the new Bruno - I can't believe I hadn't looked for it already, knowing that they usually come out in late summer. You'll have to excuse me, for I'm off to see if it's in my library's catalog yet so I can put in my hold request :)

    1. And here I bet the farm that you'd be one of my readers who'd already have this book on your list! (Well, I can kiss that farm good-bye...)


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