Friday, March 05, 2010

Weekly Link Round-Up

I'm still trying to figure out how it got to be Friday already. I think part of the explanation is that Denis (who drives a bus at Sky Harbor Airport) has begun working a new shift, and it's so different from the ones he's had that it's taking me longer to get used to the change. But I will!

We did manage to head out to Wickenburg this week. We drove out on the Vulture Mine Road and stopped at the Hassayampa River Preserve. You'll be seeing a photograph or two in the coming weeks. But enough chit chat. Let's get to the links!

Bookish Tidbits
Social Media, Blogging, and Other Techie Stuff
Around the Water Cooler in the Book Blogosphere
New to My Google Reader
That's it for this week. I hope I've found an item or two that piqued your interest. Don't forget to stop by next Friday when I'll have another batch of links for your surfing pleasure!


  1. What a great post! I loved looking at the book covers and finding out what was in Agatha Christie's trunk.

    The kinds of books I read probably don't have 700 editions.

    I'll bet this is the most interesting post I read all day. Thanks.

  2. I, tool, loved the cover comparison article...And Murder is Everywhere is one of my favorite blogs! I am reading Bangkok Haunts right now and plan to read some of Hallinan's work soon.


  3. How do I decide which books to read?
    I visit your blog and a few (c 100) others, and afterwards I have a hard time deciding which books NOT to read.

  4. This weekly blog links post of yours is hazardous to my health (and my computers since I am famous for the "right click -open in new tab" way of browsing. Suddenly I find I have 10 tabs open and OF COURSE I have to read them all.

    Keep up the good work tho....saves all of us from missing anything really good.

  5. Thanks so much for the linky love!

  6. People who think desktops are dead don't edit for a living. Okay, I don't care where the processor is, but I need a big keyboard and a big screen.

  7. Another great list of links, Cathy. Thank you!

    I particularly enjoyed the Puckman bookscase (so creative) and the comparison of American to British book covers.

    Have a marvelous weekend.

  8. Joe-- You are very, very welcome. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    Michele-- I'll look forward to reading what you think of Bangkok Haunts!

    Dorte-- Yes, there do seem to be many "enablers" on the Internet!

    Tina-- Only 10?!? When I'm surfing for this post, I can wind up with well over 20. Trying to keep them straight can be rather interesting! LOL I'm glad you enjoy it.

    Carrie-- You're welcome. You've got a post that not only has something important to say, but all the comments add lots more.

    Beth-- Same here, and I'm not an editor.

    Molly-- You're welcome!

  9. Thanks--as always, I'm about a day late and a dollar short, but you keep me more up to date than I would be otherwise!

  10. Jeanne-- I'm glad you enjoy this weekly post!


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